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Class of Students and Teacher When it comes to service, one size does not fit all. Our custom approach connects you with a live implementation expert and access to the ongoing support needed to ensure success. Our training program is streamlined and compliments the easy-to-use nature of the Measuring Up Live® series.
School of the Month
School Bus Our pick for school of the month is Hartwell School in Cincinnati, Ohio. Hartwell has been using Measuring Up Live® since April of 2011. Students answered a total of 133,133 questions in MyQuest for the 2012-2013 school year!
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* Serving Students, Educators and Administrators from 2005 through today
The teachers like the way the Measuring Up Express® materials align to the Measuring Up Insight® assessment and that you can target specific areas. The Measuring Up Insight® test results help with grouping students and differentiating instruction. We use the program for small group instruction to meet specific needs. It helped to guide instruction and to formulate questions to address higher-order thinking skills.
  –A. Gipson, LLT, Hughes School District 299, IL
Web-based formative assessment that delivers the capacity and flexibility needed to determine how students are doing on an ongoing basis.
Online, standards-based practice; completely student-driven and designed to motivate and keep students engaged while serving up automatically generated content that seamlessly adjusts according to the needs of the individual.
Measuring Up
Using a comprehensive approach to standards-based instruction, this print series provides supplemental curriculum support that has been serving students well for over 20 years.
Access to the Measuring Up® print-based instructional resources just got a little easier with this new online delivery system; available for teachers.